Agent Angus

Series: Orca Currents
Publication Date: 15 Jun. 2021
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781459830844

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    Angus and his best buddy, Shahid, share a love of science and their robot, Gordon. But recently, the artistic Ella Eckles has had a peculiar effect on Angus. When a stink bomb at the school provides a chance for him to talk to her, Angus claims to share her interest in reading facial expressions and declares his ambition to become a crime-solving mentalist. He impresses Ella by identifying the stink bomber, but fails to mention he witnessed the kid setting off the bomb. 

    When Ella’s treasured sketchbook is stolen, she asks Angus to find the thief. Shahid thinks Angus should confess that he’s not a mentalist, but Angus is certain he can learn to read people and recover Ella’s sketchbook. He asks Shahid to help him investigate the suspects and, equipped with rearview sunglasses and an informant who lurks in the washroom, the duo bungle their way through a series of hilarious encounters.


    Book Type: Junior Chapter
    Age Group: 10 Years +
    Traffic Lights: Green/Amber
    Class Novel: No
    Good Reads Rating: 4/5
    Literary Rating: 4/5


    When Angus finally gets up the nerve to talk to Ella, the lovely, artsy girl he has a crush on, things seem to go very well! That is, until he lies about being a mentalist in order to impress her. Determined not to mess things up, Angus enlists his best friend Shahid to help him learn to read people and prove his ‘skills’ to Ella. 

    The plot thickens when Ella asks for Angus’ help recovering her stolen notebook. Angus and Shahid end up on a convoluted investigation through the school and around town, turning up one dead-end lead after the other—and placing increasing strain on their friendship. One thing becomes very clear…Angus is definitely not a mentalist.

    Eventually, just when Angus thinks he’s finally solved the mystery, the truth comes out: the notebook was never missing in the first place! It turns out that Ella likes Angus as well, and created this whole mystery to have an excuse to talk to him. 

    Angus shamefully admits his own deceptions, as well as making things right with Shahid. With all the truths out in the open, Angus and Ella decide to wipe their silly mistakes away and start over. While this new relationship certainly changes some things, especially between Angus and Shahid, the boys’ friendship has never been stronger, and the three new friends happily move forward from the silly games of the past.

    Agent Angus is a funny detective-style story about the consequences of lying. Including some interesting concepts about mentalism and art, the story poses compelling ideas to readers in a very subtle way, whilst maintaining a humorous plot with relatable characters.


    Spying, mentalism, art, detective work, mystery, clues, lying, robots

    Content Notes

    1. The story centres around Angus’ desire to impress Ella and, eventually, get into a relationship with her. 2. A joke is made about a student borrowing Ella’s art to ‘work on her bust’, referring to moulding a model from clay (p. 30-31). 3. Angus gets into a fight with Rolf towards the end of the story, although no injuries are sustained (p. 94-96).

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