A New Friend (Pepper Creek Ponies #1)

Publication Date: 1 Jan. 2021
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781743838365

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    When Abby moves from the city to the country, she misses her old life. Despite her fear of horses, she visits Pepper Creek Pony Club in the hope of making friends. But Abby quickly learns that being a horse-girl is harder than she thought. Will Abby ever make a new friend?


    Book Type: Junior Chapter
    Age Group: 8 to 11 years
    Traffic Lights: Green
    Class Novel: No
    Good Reads Rating: 4/5
    Literary Rating: 4/5


    Pepper Creek is a strange and lonely place for new-girl Abby. Out walking with her dog, Buddy, she runs into a girl called Piper and her horse, Thunder, who she accidentally spooks. Abby -- embarrassed -- resolves never to go near a horse again. But when she meets Shelley, another girl who's taking Thunder out for a walk, she begins to change her mind about horses. Shelley is lovely, and Thunder is calm and friendly when he's not spooked. Abby decides to give Pepper Creek Pony Club a try.

    Shelley shows her the ropes at the club. Abby finds out just how much goes into horse-riding -- from endless brushing and combing to equipment maintenance. Everything's going well until she sees a giant spider right next to her hand and screams -- spooking the gentle horse, Juniper, she was riding for the day. With Piper and Shelley's help, Juniper calms down, but Abby is scared and embarrassed.

    When a storm hits, Abby runs into Thunder in the creek out back. She tries to get him home herself, but he won't budge. Abby, Shelley, and Piper have to work together to rescue Thunder -- and in so doing, cement a permanent friendship. Abby decides to stick with horse-riding -- though she's got a long way to go!

    It's always a treat to see a new group of friends forming, and Abby's growing confidence and willingness to try new things is hopeful. Light-hearted and highly enjoyable, this is a great read for horse-lovers and fans of Saddle Club, A Pony Called Secret, and Dream Riders.


    horses, friendship, moving house, insecurity, confidence, fear, rescue

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