Agile Order Form

Dear Agile Members, welcome to Australia's most flexible standing orders service! Please read this important information and then complete your order using the form below. 

  • This order form will expire a few days before the next issue of The Book Curator is released. Once this happens, you will not be able to use your Agile credit to order these titles. Please refer to your Agile Member email (sent at the start of each month when the magazine is posted) for the relevant expiry date. 

  • To use your credits, you can only add titles from this specific list to your cart. If you add other titles from the bookstore, the system will not allow you to complete the order without changing your payment method OR removing the other titles from your cart. 

  • To use this order form, simply enter the quantity of any titles you wish to order and then click on the "Order" button on the bottom of the page. This will take you to our standard Checkout screen, where you can review your order, enter any special notes, and select a payment type. Please make sure Agile credits are selected in the final Order Confirmation screen; this should be the first payment option . 

  • Credits from your Agile pre-payment can be applied unless your order value (books + 12.95 shipping and handling) exceeds your credit balance. Your current balance is listed below. Please contact us on 07 3167 6518 if you would like to top it up. The minimum top up amount is $250 + GST and you can do that multiple times throughout the year.

  • Important: As soon as you start adding quantities to this special Agile order form, anything that may be already in your shopping cart will be cleared. We recommend adding those products to your wish list first before you commence your Agile order (by going onto the product description and clicking the heart icon), so you can return to them later. 

Your Agile Balance:

Please note: a flat fee of $12.95 shipping and handling will be added to your order (and deducted from your Agile balance) when you checkout. Your transaction record showing the price of each book will be automatically emailed out to you. 

This is a brand new service. We'd love to hear any ideas you might have about potential improvements or any difficulties you face in placing orders etc. Please feel free to email your ideas through to and we'll be happy to take your comments into consideration. Thank you.